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Default No wake --Other Side of the Lake

Originally Posted by The Real BigGuy View Post
I’m amazed (guess I shouldn’t be) at how many boats I see flaunting “No Wake” zones this early in the season. Today, going into no wake zone west of The Hole In The Wall I see 2 boats now up and plowing. I’m Orion for them to slow down and, apparently, I’m invisible because they look right thru me and keep on trucking.

I guess boneheads don’t die or fade away. They multiply!
Over at Minge Cove near Alton, we've got the same thing-- boaters cruising in at high speed ignoring the no wake marker, makes it very unpleasant at our place on the point, hard on our dock and sea wall; noisy too. Hate to be a jerk and start yelling at people, but what else can one do when folks ignore the rules, as well as common boating courtesy?
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