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Originally Posted by Kamper View Post
New Hampshire only requires running lights at night, on a trailer.

This will apply if you drive out of state because your trailer will be properly equipped for the state it's registered in. (You might still get stopped and hassled.)

I only referenced these points for informational purposes since my read is that you are too smart to not reduce your risks.
When you operate in another state they don't care about the laws of the state you are registered in. For example: If you operate a NH registered vehicle in Florida without a state inspection sticker there is no problem. Florida does not have a required vehicle inspection.

In addition to that, a police officer in another state, cannot give you a ticket for violating the laws of your state. They do not have the power to do that. It is only necessary to comply with the laws of the state you are operating in.

And to offer a different perspective: I wouldn't consider it "hassled" if I got stopped for a violation of law, I consider that the police officer is doing his/her job.
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