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Default Brand spanking new no wake zone out of glendale

OMG, I cant believe the signage at this NEW NO WAKE Zone !!

Shame on the Marine Patrol !!!

You need binoculars at 50 feet to read the NO Wake on a look a like lighted buoy like marker.

You have no idea where the zone begins or ends ?

What kind of signage is this.. a brand NEW no wake zone that's not on any of the charts yet.. and they put a sign you couldn't read unless you where 20ft away from and is way out of position.

What Happen to the big NO WAKE buoy and signs of the past?

I can see everyone not seeing that buoy and going through at full speed like past seasons as a shortcut down the lake to Alton.

The buoy on that side isn't even near the middle at all, its way off to the shore on the right, where no one comes from..
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