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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Tis: We have volunteers in Glendale. Works just fine, and the PD backs them up with a substation at the docks. Wolfeboro PD monitors the docks for extended overtime parking. Wouldn't take much to extend their activity a little. Taxpayers who are willing to pay for public docks should want to have them well operated to maximize benefit to merchants and residents alike.
I wonder how that will work long term... each municipality on the lake seems so different.
I haven't been around most... especially in recent years... but more docking traffic at Meredith seems to clash with the way Route 3 goes between the docks and most of the merchants. While the Weirs had Route 3 further from the waterfront, but is - at least according to reports and what I see being purchased - in a refurbish mode.
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