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Ignoring no wake zones is clearly a problem, what I cant tell is if some boaters only think its there to buffer other boaters from waves causing them a potential loss of control, so they ignore it when there are no there are no pother boats, or do they know its also intended to protect property and just dont care???

As for the150' rule, I follow it because its the law, but in my mind its excessive and promotes incompetent boaters feeling comfortable on a busy lake, rather than inexperienced boaters building up their operation skills.

As stated previously in this thread; in other places you will have other boats passing by (in either direction) with as little as 20' - 30' feet of separation! I think 50' is a good reasonable number for any reasonably capable boater, but that just my opinion.

We now live in world of the nanny state of adjust and regulate to lowest possible skill set, and also the loudest voice, and there is no place for common sense or reasonable expectations and standards. So we will all have to learn to live with the loss of what was reasonable and accept the land of laws we have allowed to take over, where every aspect of life is regulated and taxed and monitored by someone. Sure glad I was able to see the world actually work in the 1960s and 70s so that I have a reality check on the media and political and other nonsense we all get barraged with every day.

Not the world I grew up in, and NOT better!
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