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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Most summers I spend a little time in the Falmouth, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket area. That area seems to be so wide open that boats just don't pass that close.

In Florida it is much different. Boats will routinely overtake you and pass 20 or 30 feet away. After spending most of my time on Winnipesaukee that is sometimes shocking. I have been thinking of putting a rear view mirror on the boat just so I am not surprised when it happens.

The safety factor is one aspect, because the boat passing has no idea if you will be turning or changing course at all. There is not a lot of time to react when two boats are that close. The second issue is the wake and spray from the passing boat. I often wonder it the boat operator going by gives that any thought at all. I think to do that to another boat is rude, but since it is done all the time in Florida it is just something you learn to accept.

Boating is very different when you get off the lake.
After years of acclimating to the NH 150' rule, boating in FL can be down right scary.

I had a guy pass my family and I in my 20' bow rider with his 30'+ center console in a narrow channel.

He was about twenty feet abeam of us running at the worst possible angle as he was climbing up on plane.

I am pretty sure he needed a distress flare suppository but that gear was stowed.
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