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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
''Operating at an excessive speed considering weather conditions, boat traffic, and other hazards. For inland waters, operating at a speed greater than 45 mph is considered negligent operation.''
''Operating at greater than headway speed (6 mph or less) within 150 feet of a swimmer, waterskier, mooring area, marina, boat launch, or when the operator's vision is obscured in any way.''

It takes a while... but it seems that the surrounding States are going toward the same restrictions. Most probably because the minority of the users that violate the rules often look for other outlets. So a problem that doesn't exist in an area, slowly becomes a problem... and then the rule gets adopted.
I would say here on the Merrimack River in the Lowell area the last number of years it HAS been an issue with many accidents and deaths related to too close passage and too fast passage. Not not sure if you are being sarcastic? But it seems to be an issue. Also in some of the smaller lakes/ponds here on the border, I remember almost being hit while I was water skiing because a boat wanted to cut across and between me and the boat. Stupidity? Yes, but I think that the 150' rule is something that is needed around. And I agree, the small lakes/ponds don't get patrolled so it's a over looked.
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