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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Saturday, March 26, about 4-pm: Was out front my mega multi-million dollar waterfront embankment, raking the old oak leafs with a brand new $9 rake from Wal-mart and was very surprised to see a bright red snowmobile zooming out the gray wet lake ice, out past Flasher #3 towards Mark Island. He stopped out there, made a u-turn and went back towards Shep Browns, somewhere? Probably thought, what the hell am I doing out here, is this wack-a-doozie crazy or what, and he turned it around? .....

For walking icy walking paths in the NH-winter, Ebay has Yaktrax Pro friction stretch-ons for about $20/pair in s,m, l & xl. These spring like metal and stretchy black neoprene friction walkers don't look like they would work all that good but they do perform very good for wet icy trails without the severity of the sharp pointed crampons used for ice climbing. YakTrac Pro is somewhat similar to putting chains on tires and is fairly easy to attach to shoes, but not too easy. They get stretched on and secured with a single Velcro strap.

And, unlike that guy out driving the thin gray soggy Lake Winnipesaukee ice with a twelve thousand dollar, red snowmobile, you do not need registration, insurance, club membership, high-priced gasoline, a snowmobile, a trailer, and a vehicle capable to tow the trailer. All you need is a good 55-dollar pair of walking/hiking shoes and some long underwear, underneath, for the NH-winter, outdoors. Snowshoes have not been needed because the snow quickly gets packed down by other winter walker/hikers, but ice friction devices have definitely been needed a lot, this winter. And, walking will take you up and down narrow, rocky, hilly trails where snowmobiles simply cannot go.

The in Meredith, about 2.5 miles from the big intersection is closed to wheeled vehicles like bicycles and atvs, and snowmobiles. For winter walking their hilly trails, a pair of Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats ...... .... $19.95 on Ebay ..... will make you good to go.

Viva las NH-winter!
Yeah, let's see how far you get on those traction cleats walking out on gray ice this time of year.
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