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Default Marine Patrol is not alone in ruining boating...

I do not think the Marine Patrol alone is ruining Boating. I do think the government is eroding law abiding citizens the freedom of movement without being watched or herded. This encumbered feeling is becoming pervasive and discerning. Laws for the few are restricting the freedom of all. Oh MY God! I sound like a sound bite from the sixties!!!

The opening Saturday my wife, small 4 legged friend (almost 15 pounds and full of happiness) and I boated to the weirs for our annual bike week stroll. Our dog has a distressed jean jacket full of bike week patches and gets a new one sewed on every year. A bicycle officer stopped us and pronounced “No Dogs Allowed”. After he left another older officer came up to us and met our dog and said we could continue up the street and to the drive in area and that they were trying to curb the “nasty” dogs that fight and ours was fine. He sure smoothed out the attitude from the first officer. We did not see any posted restriction or change in the law but felt bad that we were in conflict with it.

A few years ago we were at the weirs fireworks rafted with a 3 other boats and the MP gave us the note we could not raft there during fireworks. Asked why he got threatening so we complied. Haven’t been back since.

I saw some beautiful go fast boats in Paugus bay this week and can’t do anything but feel for them and the speed limit.

Don’t go to fast, to slow, Selective Rafting Rules, Don’t get within 150 feet entrapment tactics, etc. All the previous stories in this thread are believable and even though the “authorities are worth their weight in gold” in the event of a real problem it is the control over everything that is changing the Live Free of Die motto on our license plates.

Great Thread!
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