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Lightbulb Restrict Wake Surfers from Coves, Bays, Harbors...

Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
The committee seems heavily weighted towards people who have a vested financial interest in promoting the sport. I didn't see anyone on the list from the "Peace and Quiet Association"Hmmmmm..............
Not surprising in this day of $X00,000 wake-surfing boats.

The manufacturers are "primed" by efforts to defeat homeowners' restrictions previously started in other states.

The "wet" participants are practicing "legal" ways to get around the restrictions—most notably, Pennsylvania's restrictions—that started in 2011.

Originally Posted by tummyman View Post
These folks need to take their boats and waves out into the larger part of the lake and not smaller coves. I have had broken mooring whips, broken boat lines, destroyed snubbers, as well as seen my dock almost tip over from the waves. My lakefront shoreline is being eroded from the waves. Rocks ar falling in. and the waves are disturbing the bottom of the lake. I have no problem with the sport, but please take the waves out to broader parts of the lake.
Don't expect those waves to be gone soon. The two or three wakesurfers in Winter Harbor start out from boathouses located on the Broads!

Agreed. I just noticed a large boulder that has fallen into my sandy shallows this week. It's big enough, that I might not be able to move it out of the way.

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