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Default How do we get them to STOP?

Originally Posted by Little Bear View Post
Tell them to turn down (or off) that damn pathetic music that they blast, and that would satisfy me. I cannot believe how inconsiderate some of these idiots are, blasting that garbage at all hours of the day. Turn it off!
I too am on the north side of Little Bear and have endured 2 hours of "music" blaring every Saturday afternoon of the summer. Last weekend, this noise woke me from being sound asleep. This "music" was so offensive. It is basically yelling, not singing and what woke me was the repeated yelling of the N word - at least 5 times. I want to approach their boat and politely ask them to stop but certainly they already know how offensive they are being and obviously don't care. Honestly, we can't hear our TV when this boat is on the water. If police go to houses for disturbing the peace, why can't the patrol do the same?
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