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Default Meeting September 23

The Commission's first meeting is September 23rd at 1:00 pm, Room 305 in the Legislative Office Building in Concord. Here are the members:Committee Members

Suzanne Smith - House (first named Rep.)d-Hebron Michael Gunski - House, r-Goffstown
Ruth Ward - Senate r-Stoddard
Sarah Kirn - Designee for Department of Environmental Services
Tim Dunleavy - Captain of the Marine Patrol Division
John Whalley - NH Marine Trades Association
Winston Sims - Shorefront property owner from a lake smaller than 1,000 acres
Maggie Ford - Shorefront property owner from a lake larger than 1,000 acres
Kelly Buchanan - NH LAKES Peter MacCallum - Appointed by Governor
Scott Behner - USA Water Ski and Wake Sports NH
Chris Bischoff - Water Sports Industry Association
David Mankus - NH Campground Owners Association
Pamela Price - Wake Boat Recreational Community
Shane Carey - Wake Boat Recreational Community
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