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Originally Posted by tis View Post
Descant, I agree with you except I would question your point that most of the education tax comes back to our towns. If you are one of the "rich" towns on the lake, most likely you are paying more and getting less back. If you have info on this I would love to see it. They have been playing around with bringing back the donor town tax which would cause us to pay even more. We all better get out and protest that because just by have high valued property, we already pay more When they had the donor town tax before cities like Manchester built new million dollar ball fields with it.
Yeah. Schools are a problem. A big political problem. More often than not, when the legislature fumbles the ball, the referees (courts) take possession and put it someplace nobody expected and then they say "Keep playing, but make up some new rules". Across the state, look at the thriving charter schools, church based schools and other private alternatives, even home schooling. On top of the taxes, so many people are looking at and using alternatives to traditional public schools, at significant personal expense (time if not money). And I have a separate diatribe about school finances, but that's not really part of this discussion about property assessments.
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