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Originally Posted by Sue Doe-Nym View Post
LI,you might have a legitimate question/complaint. The question many who are so irate would actually sell their property at its assessed value? Oh, no? I didn’t think so! In other words, if you are complaining about your $800k assessment, but wouldn’t consider selling for under $1 million, kwitcherbitchin.
P.S. This doesn’t apply to those who have a legitimate issue with this.
Yes your point is valid.... Here is the thing, if I was offered the assessed value I would very much consider selling the property.... My property has a simple camp, season structure, that is less then 10% of the value.... So they are telling me all my value is in the land. Which again I am fine with, I know if I sell the next owners are likely to demolish the camp and build something year around..... However if the fair market value of the camp, is 200K less with the season structure on it, what I am being told, is if I want to sell I should first demolish the structure, so that the land is worth more......

End of the day this is all semantics.... NH needs more tax revenue, most of the towns do not want to raise tax rates.... So when the state ups it share, their counter measure is to raise property values.... Do we really not see the problem here..... It called telling the truth....tell me the truth, and I am happy, Lie to me so that your state doesn't have to institute a sales tax or income tax, and inflate the value of personal property over the fair market value, I am not happy......

What everyone in Moultonborough should have recognized is that the Assesment company is new this year, likely because the old company would not just simply raise the value of the land. There are multiple layers going on here, and it all semantics......

Bottom line is they have raised my Taxes... That I am fine with.... Do it honestly and not hidden, and I go away no problem....

What I am taking issue with is not the taxes, it is telling me that my property is worth something that I can not reasonable sell it for.............
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