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Default Irony

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
From the article: "Wakesurfing is less physically demanding, which explains why you may be seeing more of these boats on your local waters... Innovation is making wakesurfing easier, and that's helping to drive its popularity... The best surfing waves are created from a slower-moving boat (about 10 to 12 mph), making the sport appealing to older adults whose water-skiing or wakeboarding days may be fading.... These boats are made for families, and we're seeing teenagers actually wanting to hang out and have fun with their parents again."

I must admit, I find Wakesurfing to be fairly boring. With all of the 'innovations', you can barely call it a sport. But, because it is so easy to master, it makes it much more approachable to mass markets. Everyone and literally their mother can get behind the boat and feel like they are participating in a fun, wholesome family activity.

The fact is, that my 65 year old father's body can't take the impacts of skiing or wakeboarding anymore and now is relegated to wakesurfing. I'm sure he'd like to be trying flips again on the wakeboard, but it's just not realistic. At 33, I (read: my knees) am not far behind him. I may be forced to join the ranks. But I assure you, when and if that time comes, I will be in the broads with my music low.

The irony here is that these inconsiderate wakesurfers likely have a parent onboard - meaning we can't just chalk it up to 'kids these days'. Moreover, even if the parents haven't joined, I'm inclined to believe said parents were not successful instilling a moral compass. Boomers these days....
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