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Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
We were on the broads side of Welch a couple days ago watching a wake boarder and I was amazed at how much the wake had subsided in about 200'. Yes directly behind the boat the wake was large but it really fell flat in no time at all. Unlike a large cruiser whose wake seems to continue for ever this boats wake definitely dispersed much quicker...Are these boats designed to do this??

The boat is only traveling at 10-12mph max so it's a slow roller not a fast moving break with velocity behind it. Think of a wave pool at a waterpark. It slowly raises you up as a swimmer but would not toss you like a break in the ocean.

I agree there are boaters who are inconsiderate, do not follow proper etiquette and common courtesy. Take these drivers out of a wakeboat and they'll be annoying you in a pontoon boat, speed boat or something else. They probably do not even know they are being inconsiderate, they need to be educated. I have no problem going up to any other watersporting boat in my local bay and politely coaching them on how best to operate their boat so everyone on the water can have a good time. Drive straight lines, stay off shore for wakesports, no power turns for a downed rider etc. 99% appreciate the tips.

200 ft off shore for wake-surfing is a reasonable solution to me. I personally already adhere to this distance if not more as common courtesy. But I'm also hoping what comes out of this is an educational route where dealers, lake hosts etc. are given materials to help teach people about the boats they are operating and how best to use them without disrupting the lake.
See WSIA Wake Responsibility for more info. Help spread the message if you'd like be part of the solution.
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