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Originally Posted by feb View Post
I think it needs to be farther away than 200'. Not a lot further but 200 doesn't sound like enough for waves to dissipate enough before they hit land. Factor in shallow depths and the wave may not change that much from beginning to end.

As with most rules, its just common sense, wakesurf in large areas, not just 200' from your dock. I live in a transition zone as well and like to watch these folks surf but the waves do throw my boat around and yank at the dock depending on the angle they strike at.
We were on the broads side of Welch a couple days ago watching a wake boarder and I was amazed at how much the wake had subsided in about 200'. Yes directly behind the boat the wake was large but it really fell flat in no time at all. Unlike a large cruiser whose wake seems to continue for ever this boats wake definitely dispersed much quicker...Are these boats designed to do this??

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