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Originally Posted by paintitredinHC View Post

Also worth noting that the the scientific research referenced in the Oregon commission's recommendations state that the maximum wake/wave height associated with WakeBoarding and WakeSurfing drops 27-56% in the first 100-150ft of its travel from the boat path. This ties into previous research shared on this forum by DPatnaude that states that a wake generated by a wakeboat creates a wave from the stern that is more destructive than a boat traveling at headway speed. However, we now can tie the two studies together to see that given 100-150ft, the wave is halved to the level of a vessel traveling at headway speed. Addressing the pedantic among us, there are other environmental factors that can influence these statistics (i.e. wind, current, water depth, etc.) which likely addresses the discrepancy between what those of you 'see' and what is scientifically proven.
I don't really care about wakes, but I like math and boats and feel compelled to point out that if you take a 3 foot wake and halve it,, it's still a 1.5 foot wake, and easily 3 times the biggest wake you would get at headway speed in the vast majority of boats on the lake. As an experiment, go through the Weirs Channel making a 1.5 foot wake and see if anyone complains
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