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Before they were named Seals, they were called frogmen ..... and yes, you really want to be a strong swimmer and wear the required CG-pfd, and maybe a helmet, with the solo ski.

200-yards is eight laps in the 25-yard swim pool at Plymouth State University, in the field house, across from the Citgo Gas at Exit 25, and the pool water temp there is about 70-degrees. Swimming 200-yards out in the big lake can be much, much, much more difficult than swimming same distance in a pool for a bunch of reasons.

So's, with the totally, totally, incredible, fabulous, fantastic $17,000, 675-lb SF-150 model with a 150-hp four-stroke and a wake wedge for making big wakes and remotely controlled from a wireless control remote ...... it can be used with a wake board .... with no tow rope.

Reading the NH ski tow law that requires a spotter and a driver ...... by not having a tow rope and just riding the wave ...... the spotter/driver requirement probably does not apply since there's no tow rope and the boarder is not physically attached to a tow boat ...... it is riding the wake wave ...... therefore, the law does not apply.

If there ain't no rope, that law is a dope ......... a rope-a-dope!

What do you think ....... Professor? .........
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