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Default ..... swimming skills for solo skiing?

Removing the water ski, skis, or wake board and swimming the breast or side stroke while pushing the ski, skis, board out in front of you is the way to go .... to catch up to the tow vessel, presumably stopped up ahead.

Before using a solo ski by yourself, you should be able to swim at least 200-yards in open, deep, choppy, rough, 68-degree water without a pfd or swimmer's belt or wet suit top to qualify yourself, for your personal water safety with a personal water ski. NH law requires everyone to wear a CG-pfd while skiing and a water ski belt is not legal, even though it is a lot easier to swim with a ski belt than to swim with a pfd. Ski belts center one's buoyancy which is best for swimming, while a pfd keeps your head and shoulders up top the water, not so good for swimming any more than a short distance, like 25-yards.

There's no friendly, helpful driver and spotter in the tow vessel to assist you, out there. It's just you, yourself, and the big lake. I suppose one could sit atop the vessel, and paddle it with a water ski or a wake board if you have some problem.

Both the male and female British demonstrators in the film are both wearing large helmets which is way more than a lot of motorcyclists wear here in NH?
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