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I think the biggest drawback to this personal ski machine would be having to find, and swim to your rope after you fall. Not an easy task with a water ski, (or two), or a wake board, on your foot/feet. I would think that would use up A LOT of energy. Obviously, the easy answer is: don't fall, but this is the real world, and even an excellent skier will fall periodically learning how to use this thing. And falling at 30, or 40mph, that handle could end up pretty far away from you!!! Still, a pretty cool toy when mastered. Unless of course, there is some sort of (waterproof) remote control you can keep in a specially designed pocket of your life vest, (for EASY access), to get it to circle around you with little to NO effort on your part to get that handle back in your hands... Maybe they have thought of everything!!
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