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From the 'Gadget Show - world tour', an English film production

'California: Solo Ski' ..... ... 4:54, filmed 7 years ago

Specs from video; length of tow vessel; 8' fiberglass

3-cylinder, 70-hp two stroke engine with a jet discharge

40-mph top speed (on very calm water): The male demonstrator in the film says the typical speed for wake boarding is 20-mph.

Price as shown in film: 4654 English pounds or $5648 U.S. dollars (?) per seven years ago

Robin Sells, Pacific Watercraft Group, Newcastle, Washington sells and makes the Solo Ski .....unless it's made for them in China or somewhere, who knows?

SF-70: 70-hp two stroke from above you tube ....... 375-lbs ...... $5648 (?) seven years ago price

SF-150: 150-hp four stroke with wake wedge for big wakes ...... 675-lbs ....... $17000.
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