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Default Matter of perspective

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
"Driving" awareness is exactly the reason for a spotter requirement--essentially, the law assumes (correctly?) that a person cannot drive AND spot safely.

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Apples to...not apples. A capt is supposed to look ahead to operate safely, not back to the skier, hence the need for a spotter to inform the capt. of the skiers status. Capt cant know how the skier is doing and pay attention to driving. The solo skier/driver never has to look back. They are fully self aware of their own skiing status. There is no capt. to inform of their staus and therefor no need for a spotter at all to inform a capt. Essentially the spotter has one purpose, communication between capt & skier. If the capt is the skiier there is no need for a middleman.
However there is a question as to how well can one person ski WHILE ALSO being capt. of a waterborn drone.
Skiing up right, facing forward, at a slow to moderate speed, I think it can be done safely. While wake jumping, doing spins, tricks...not so much.
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