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Originally Posted by camp guy View Post
Very cool!! But, I agree with Cal Coon, definitely worth a phone call to totally be sure if is "allowed" under current MP practices.

With the pending arrival of driverless autos, and now a driverless ski boat, what's next ? - a food service that will order food for you, then eat it for you, then text you with a message telling you how much you enjoyed it? AI is taking over.
Yes it is, and IMHO, I'm not to crazy about it. I'm "old school". I like doing (most) things for myself. I still have a "flip phone", and it's all I will ever need. Big tech is going too far for my liking. Too many people getting to lazy and stupid. Everybody just wants to push a button for everything in their life these days!! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should... However, some things are cool. I do like the concept of this personal ski machine. It allows for one to be "independent", and I think that's a good thing.
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