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With a $309 dry suit from in Maine, you could be solo skiing that thing from labor day to Christmas ..... and get good with it when there's little to no other boats out there ...... hope you get one!

Specs: size 4'x8'x29"high, weight 675-lbs, engine 150-hp, holds 8-gal gasoline, price- $17,000

Is so totally much more happening than a quiet electric stand up paddle board that goes along at 4-mph.

.....woopsie-doopsie .....that video says it is 70-hp, and it looks smaller than 4'x8', so this is probably a smaller model.....that's seems right...a 70-hp modern two-stroke engine for towing a skier/boarder ..... 70-hp seems like a lot of power

.....oops again is 150-hp and here's a link ...... ...... for $17,000 it should come with Pam Anderson as a spotter and instructor ..... wearing her red Bay Watch swim suit .... '"just bend your knees and let the boat pull you up!"

..... you gotta get one ..... go for it ..... will it tow a 325-lb skier going barefoot skiing at 40-mph?
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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