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Default development density?

Frank Lloyd Wright built his famous "Falling Waters" over a stream. In the 19th century mills, etc were built on the side of a river. Now DES knows better and you can't build next to moving water. In Florida, you can dredge almost anyplace, throw the spoil onto the shore to make building lots, add concrete sea walls and you've got "new" land.
This whole thing is crazy.
"You can't build that anymore", but the placers built 100 years ago used 300 feet of frontage where new regulations forced building to 100' of frontage and more intense use. Yes, you don't have to be (as) rich, but the intensity of shorefront development is a lot different. Rich, (big shorefront) vs, only a little less rich, and have smaller frontage, with more intense development. Hmmm.
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