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Originally Posted by Momo View Post
The Laconia Sun reported “After the busy 4th of July weekend, water testing at Ellacoya State Park showed fecal bacteria at levels beyond state standards, making the area unsuitable for wading or swimming, the state Department of Environmental Services said Tuesday.”

Does anyone know if the State conducts bacterial testing in Braun Bay and Smalls Cove when they are mobbed with people who come for the day with no rest room facilities? Water circulation moves that “stuff” somewhere in the lake. It is good that the Dive has facilities, but it can not possibly take care of The “crowds” of people they are reportedly drawing to the sand bars.
LET'S be CLEAR --- --- the Dive was nowhere (relatively) near the State Park over the 4th weekend … in addition -- the Dive event was NOT open to the public -- it was a "shore" party for Lake Shore Residents and they boarded by the "Big Pier" (no boats, no sand bar event)………………. as stated in my other post -- just another lame accusation towards the Dive....

and no -- I have no vested interest … in fact, I have indeed been aboard, but personally would not go back unless I was taking guests for the novelty experience.
A bad day on the Big Lake (although I've never had one) - Still beats a day at the office!!
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