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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
To me the best answer is for every town dock to have a dock master which solves to problem of overstaying and who is next in line (which is always an issue on busy weekends) and change a small fee to cover the cost of the dockmaster.

The main reason for not allowing overnight stays is really not geared toward residents or property owners but instead for vacationers who can throw their boat in the water and live off their boat for their stay thus avoiding paying a hotel.motel and the hotel tax
Even better, limit the size of boats on the lake with a simple and fair formula. Anyone can own and operate a boat 15 feet or smaller. For every year you have on the lake, you earn the right to an extra foot. Sure they'll be people like me in our 60+ foot boats, but at least we'll have experience on the lake

Seriously, just follow the intent and the letter of the law and we all benefit.
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