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Originally Posted by Garcia View Post
The boat exceeded the three hour limit at a public dock. Maybe there was a great reason for it, maybe not. I'm skeptical because I see so many flagrant violations of the three hour rule on a regular, ongoing basis. Yes, I am making assumptions, but in my experience the vast majority of abusers of the public docks do so out of convenience for themselves, not need. This has a negative effect on the rest of us who follow the rules.

If that is not the case here, my apologies to the owner.
Simple solution would be for Meredith to progressively charge (dearly) by the foot for limited transient dockage that exceeds the 3 hour limit, like just about the whole rest of the world (including a NH city) does...

An even better solution would be for Meredith to allow transient dockage described above AND to install transient moorings at a substantially reduced rate (compared to dockage rates) and offer a free dinghy dock and/or a fee launch service, like just about the whole rest of the world does...

This whole concept of every boat having to go back to its home slip every night is really stupid. All those public docks on the lake are utterly wasted for roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of each day of the boating season and the towns and marinas are losing out on a ton of revenue.
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