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Originally Posted by Garcia View Post
On the one hand, I am all for letting people live and let live and spend their money however they choose. On the other, as boats get bigger and beamier, more and more of the public docking space gets taken up - and their are no new spaces being created! Common sense, courtesy, and following the rules goes a long way to making space available for all.

I have two simple requests when people use public spaces. First, don't park in such a way that you make dock spaces inaccessible to others. The number of times I have pulled into Sheps, Center Harbor, or the Weirs to find boats parked at the far end of the docks in such a way as to block access to inner spaces... If you don't have the skill to dock in tight spaces, fine - "walk" your boat in or out as needed. Takes a little more time, but we all benefit. This is especially irritating when people are just hanging out on their boat - with two or three spaces in front of them!

Second, follow the three hour rule. Just because you get to a dock first thing in the morning doesn't mean you can stay all day. Likewise putting on the mooring cover and staying all night...

I don't expect any changes but will keep hoping!
Absolutely! Common sense, courtesy and following the rules are always the first thing to go
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