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Originally Posted by Major View Post
I will add that Marc is brilliant too. Very little luck involved in his success. Extremely smart and an extremely hard worker, who was willing to take risks.
I will not knock the guy for being able to create a successful business. But like the Summa Humma boats his fascination with this one will likely fade. Be it because of a business turn down, or simply because he doesn't enjoy it the way he thought he would. He has taken risks, I don't know and will not comment on how hard or not he works.... and that is the key to his success... The fact that he takes risks.... Wander around the state some, you will find risks he took that failed... I have found more then one MB tractor location that did not succeed. When business and the economy is good, his life is good... when it is not, you see him make changes.... He is a risk taker, that isn't afraid to loose what he has gained.
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