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Originally Posted by The Real BigGuy View Post
What’s next? Limit the size of lake front house you can build based on the size of the lake?Limit the number of guests you can have based on the size of the lake? The proposal suggest the beginning of a slippery slope we may not want to start down.

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I think all of the options stated are controversial and uncomfortable. However, I feel the towns and the state should be more proactive in looking at ways to not necessarily over-regulate, but to make sure that growth remains sustainable. For example, if you have a huge influx of tourists for a three month season, workers are needed - where do they live and come from? As more people are coming and boating for the day or weekend (as waterfront is out of reach for most), where do they launch their boats, at what cost, and where are vehicles and trailers parked? Slips and valets are hard to find and building new ones is not an option - will the market simply start to squeeze out those at the lower end of the income scale as those who can afford to pay more continue to drive up prices?

I am a capitalist. But, I am also a believer in proactive planning so that future generations can continue to enjoy the Lake as I do.
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