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Yes, it cost $$ in MA to get rid of unused paint, electronics & chemicals but let me ask you, who should pay for the disposal? The buyers or the rest of his/her community. Does anyone think that local “hazardous waste days” are free? Your taxes pay for it. The “set up” fee for most disposal companies STARTS at $5,000, and that is before paying for disposal costs. Do you think “Paintcare” is no cost? The manufacturers cover their cost by across the board price increases so those who buy a quart when that’s all they need pay for the guy who buys a gallon when he needs a quart. Do you think it really costs less than $25 (disposal companies need to make a profit) to dispose of a TV? I know it doesn’t. So, who is subsidizing it? The good fairy? Do you really want your tax $ going to pay for this type of disposal instead of roads, schools, etc?

When you buy new tires you pay for the disposal of your old ones. When you get an oil change or tune up you pay a “disposal” charge for old oil & materials.

The good thing about the NEDTs of the world is they remind you that there is an actual cost for the disposal of your waste and that you should “buy only what you need”, not bulk because it is cheaper. If you do choose bulk, you will pay to get rid of the balance.

And by the way, it is my experience after 30+ years in the disposal business that maybe 2 out of 10 people actually dry out latex paint before throwing it in the trash. The others just create a mess!

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