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Lightbulb Re-Purposing Latex Paint...

Originally Posted by camp guy View Post
I took the roughly 3-foot square plastic "pan" that goes under a washing machine, put a plastic bag liner in it, spread several layers of newspaper, poured in some latex paint, sprinkled on kitty litter, let it dry, did another layer, and kept at it until all the latex was dried up. After that, folded it up, put it in the routine trash, and took it to the dump.
After Hurricane Irma, there were plenty of gallon cans of latex paint washed up everywhere around my little neighborhood.

After covering my missing garage door with "hurricane acquired" ¾-inch roofing plywood, I mixed a bunch of remaining latex colors together, and rolled much of it on both sides and edges. Later, was inspired to give them two coats. Not surprisingly, the colors were a good match for the neighborhood, and I have many partial gallons to spare.

Needing to use those near-indestructible plastic gallon cans for gathering my scattered garage contents, I poured out some too-bright colors into bowls, and left them in the sun to dry out. Examining them after they'd fully dried, I discovered the dried latex paint made some rubbery, but very tough, circular objects.

If I'd thought ahead to pour out four identical bowls, I'd have some very tough engine mounts or some colorful hockey pucks. However, they might have worked better to quiet or isolate the vibrations from clothes driers or washing machines.

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