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Good grief all this BS (below) (from above) to avoid acting responsibly. Did you you even bother to read the suggestions above.

As mentioned in this thread before you bailed out "Sometimes it takes effort to act responsibly"

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post .... 'What Can I Do With Leftover Latex Paint?' ..... from the NH Dept of Environmental Services

Here's something I never heard about .... .... with spots in Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island plus a few other states .... click on 'How to Recycle'


Vermont Brochure: ... latex paint at 99-cents/gallon/disposal .... not too bad ... is this correct?


Maine Brochure: ... latex paint at 75-cents/gallon/disposal ... not too bad ... is this correct?

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have recently gone to a paint and haz materials disposal system that takes the items every day. Here in New Hampshire we have a different, less user friendly system which means it just gets tossed inside a trash bag ..... down at the local transfer station ..... or into someone's dumpster, someplace?

In Sutton and Westfield, Massachusetts: (all year round except for holidays) ... latex paint at 65-cents/lb or about $7.80/gallon/disposal ..... is this correct? .... is very expensive?

Say-hey: maybe NEDT could build a hazardous waste collection site that's centrally located in New Hampshire..... and it would probably be a profitable business that pays property tax, employs people, and provides a needed service. For now, the illegally tossed paint probably ends up at the giant Casella landfill up in Bethlehem, where it just gets buried.

So ...... question of the day ..... what do Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts all have ...... which New Hampshire does not have? If you said a hazardous waste collection place where you can get rid of your paint and haz items ....... you am correct.


In Plymouth NH, the has quarts ($5) and gallons ($10) of donated paint for sale. Their website says "They do not accept paint or liquids from home-owners." For a while they had about 20 bright 'Pacific Blue' cans of latex swimming pool paint that lists for $75/gal, and was sold there for $10/gal ..... such a deal!

They have a lot of Ben Moore interior latex in tint bases that came from a paint store in Belmont, when it switched brands, which Rand's Hardware in Plymouth will tint and shake for something like $5/gal.

"For painting an old row boat, I just loved that Pacific Blue paint for its quality ..... even though I did not like the color .... ha-ha-ha!"

Paint in New Hampshire; easy to purchase, and very difficult to dispose any unused paint! So, how come those NH leafs get so colorful every autumn? Because people got so much left-over paint .... no way to get rid of it ..... they go paint their leafs! ..... yuckety-yuck-yuck!


If a NH resident takes their old unwanted paint cans across the border to Maine or Vermont to a local paint store, there, for disposal or recycling, are you asked to show identification like a driver's license and is there a penalty for transporting paint like this across the state line ..... if you get caught?

With no NH sales tax and no NH disposal program, more or less, that's good incentive to buy it in NH, and dispose any unused paint in VT or ME .... or stick it in someone's NH dumpster, or at the NH transfer station, inside a trash bag.

If a NH resident takes their old unwanted paint cans across the border to NEDT in Massachusetts, there, for disposal or recycling, are you asked to show identification as a Massachusetts resident?

And, when is your NH town holding their next paint swap meet ..... am willing to swap you one left-over half gallon of bright Pacific Blue latex swim pool paint, great for old row boats, for a six-pak of peanut butter, whoopie pies from LePage's Bakery in Skowhegan .... so good .... so difficult to find!

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Maine and Vermont are pretty close to New Hampshire, they are not all that far away, as you probably know. And, this is new info to me and maybe to you, too, but according to the link below, many Maine and Vermont hardware and paint stores will now take back your unwanted gallon cans of latex paint for 75-cents/gal in Maine, and 99-cents/gal in Vermont.

So, what's to keep someone in NH from taking some unwanted paint, along for the ride, next time they go to Maine or Vermont?

Maine paint stewardship program:

Has anyone actually used this paint disposal service at a hardware store in Vermont or Maine, and how did it go? Do you need to show an ID as a Maine or Vermont resident?

So, how does it work ...... don't the Maine hardware stores wind up with a basement loaded all up with gallons and quarts of old, half empty cans of paint .... or what?

So, here's what probably happens in New Hampshire. Places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, Irving, and many other spots have outdoor trash/litter receivers including town transfer stations and someone's dumpster and people will use them to get rid of their old, half empty cans of paint. It almost seems reasonable for the businesses that sell paint to be getting back the half empties. Wonder if this is not really legal, and just allowed to happen as the New Hampshire way for dealing with the problem with it's no say-no do policy?
Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post in Sutton or Westfield, Massachusetts will take it for 65-cents/lb and you do not have to be a Massachusetts resident. A gallon of latex paint probably weighs about 12-lbs, so that's $7.80/gal x 12= $93.60 ..... this is the Massachusetts solution to the problem ..... yikes! .... .... is expensive ...... a high price like this just encourages people to go the surreptitious disposal route down at the parking lot trash can at Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart or somewhere like inside a kitchen trash bag at the local transfer station.

I am more than certain that no one reading this has ever disposed of old paint in this manner ........ correct? .....

Ok ...... who among you has committed the sin of disposing a can of latex paint by just plopping it in an outside trash can at a big box store ...... please stand up ...... and you have the right to remain silent! .....
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