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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
I have about a dozen gallons of old latex paint I need disposal, thoughts ?

Thanks ! in Sutton or Westfield, Massachusetts will take it for 65-cents/lb and you do not have to be a Massachusetts resident. A gallon of latex paint probably weighs about 12-lbs, so that's $7.80/gal x 12= $93.60 ..... this is the Massachusetts solution to the problem ..... yikes! .... .... is expensive ...... a high price like this just encourages people to go the surreptitious disposal route down at the parking lot trash can at Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart or somewhere like inside a kitchen trash bag at the local transfer station.

I am more than certain that no one reading this has ever disposed of old paint in this manner ........ correct? .....

Ok ...... who among you has committed the sin of disposing a can of latex paint by just plopping it in an outside trash can at a big box store ...... please stand up ...... and you have the right to remain silent! .....
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