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Default Maine & Vermont latex paint disposal

Maine and Vermont are pretty close to New Hampshire, they are not all that far away, as you probably know. And, this is new info to me and maybe to you, too, but according to the link below, many Maine and Vermont hardware and paint stores will now take back your unwanted gallon cans of latex paint for 75-cents/gal in Maine, and 99-cents/gal in Vermont.

So, what's to keep someone in NH from taking some unwanted paint, along for the ride, next time they go to Maine or Vermont?

Maine paint stewardship program:

Has anyone actually used this paint disposal service at a hardware store in Vermont or Maine, and how did it go? Do you need to show an ID as a Maine or Vermont resident?

So, how does it work ...... don't the Maine hardware stores wind up with a basement loaded all up with gallons and quarts of old, half empty cans of paint .... or what?

So, here's what probably happens in New Hampshire. Places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, Irving, and many other spots have outdoor trash/litter receivers including town transfer stations and someone's dumpster and people will use them to get rid of their old, half empty cans of paint. It almost seems reasonable for the businesses that sell paint to be getting back the half empties. Wonder if this is not really legal, and just allowed to happen as the New Hampshire way for dealing with the problem with it's no say-no do policy?
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