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Post The Ultimate Chef's,

After arriving in California, Mom and Dad helped out at Aunt Joan and Uncle Chick's restaurant on Santa Catalina Island, for awhile. Here they are.

Photo's by Life Magazine. in 1952.

PS, And Mother would eventually open her own restaurant in downtown LA., called ' Mom's Kitchen ' and most of the Cheft's, Waitresses and dishwashers that worked at the fancy hotel restaurants in the area would sneak over to Mom's and get into the Literal line's of folk's at any given meal time for her wonderful food and recipe's.
No child labor laws, and I washed all O the dishes, aftah school, at 8 years Hold.

Pic#2. In background, see the Lucky Strike, Yes, back in the 50s smoking was considered normal. Lucky Strike was a valued advertiser in Life Magazine... I also remember that cigarettes were ten cents per pack at the PX, when I served in the Signal Corps in the mid 60s.
For all of those that may read this, ( Do Not Start Smoking )!!!!
A quote from an old friend of ours;
"Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times. ~ Mark Twain".
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Always Remember, The Best Safety Device In The Boat, or on a PWC Snowmobile etc., Is YOU!

Safe sledding tips and much more;

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