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Post Only One Ouch

We 'pulled' into a trailer park ( heading west ), to park and rest over night... Now, my Dad always made it a point to convey to the Clerk at the counter, while registering, that and how come we had a 46 foot trailer and S'more!!..
The clerk said to him, ( ' We have plenty of room for you sir, and gave my Dad the keys for lot # 24 and # 25, for the Magic Carpet '), and lot # 26 for the 19 and 48 Buick with Rascal Flats.
Well, come to find out, there was No Way to fit the Magic Carpet in them two #s 24 and #s 25 lots. So, although our Dad tried his best, the Magic Carpet suffered it's first and only bruise of our journey.
The grounds crew was summoned shortly there and after and offered to extend us a Long Long extension cord, to stay the night, out in the outback, if you will! Free of charge, don't ya know!!
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