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Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
The most beautiful, in my opinion, is New Hampshire. I can't think of another state that deserves my love more.
Beauty, of course, is subjective, and I'll not argue about your choice.

I will state only that when it came time to choose where to settle down I passed on NH, not because it was a bad place - it isn't - but because I found a few places I liked at least as much, and which better suited my ambitions.

Boulder Colorado, Albuquerque NM, , Portland Oregon: I chose Portland.

It rains a bit, but the winters are mild and the beauty and recreational opportunities are world-class.

My family all moved to the lakes region from NJ but as I decided to become an attorney I concluded, correctly I suspect, that I'd do better in a locale with a larger population than can be found in and near Laconia.

I enjoy vacationing on the lake but it seems to me at least that it would be a tough place to make a really good living, especially for an outsider.

Good for retirees I suppose, but probably not for ambitious white collar workers.

Oh well, in the immortal words of Buckaroo Banzai: "No matter where you go, there you are."
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