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Cool What You Did There...

Originally Posted by trfour View Post
Do not invite us!... A very simple $2.99 cent lunch could take off and run into the tens or more thousands of dollars in a heartbeat! So maybe some would ask, how we did what we did????
First of all, our Mom and Dad were the Best!... Did I ever tell how they cooked? No contest, they were the best! Now, shut my face! Grand Parents, Grand Great Parents and so on and on have embodied our very existence since history got invented here! By the way, they did a wonderful job!
With todays economy, I couldn't imagine any self respecting family restaurant wanting to ban children under a certain age... However, some are...I would hazard a guess that todays Moms and Dads have lost some of the ( use of the Braille system, if you will ), to communicate good behavior to their siblings...Now!.. / Waaayyyyy back when I was young, and born even younger, my parents taught me and the rest of us children just how to behave, wise? Course, it could have been the size of the herd?.. They never wanted us to get out of hand, ( so to speak ). ( And Especially Around The Dinner Table )...Here's a pic of all of us enjoying lunch at the very exclusive Columbia Yacht Club back in 19 and 52! They loved us, and could have retired from our bill and tips alone! Most of us lived in the Magic Carpet for close to two years out in California before we bought a house without wheels...The world is getting and multiplying faster than Nascar, these days, kind of needs our collective help, so to speak...The glass half full, has been replaced with ' our world on top ', if you will. Let us keep it all going forward...Love, Terry Pic#2. Stopped for a drink

'Times sure have changed. You had no seat belts, and just-recently two states have raised their speed limits—to 80—and (in Utah) 85.

.Sailing—Good for you and good for the world...

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