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Post Move'in Noth

Shortly after getting to California, my folks decided to sell the 49, as it was brutal on fuel. My Dad was in Transportation Management, and got transferred up to Santa Maria. We had to load the house trailer on a flatbed tractor trailer unit, by crane, to bring it up there. Although the 1948 Buick had the same engine, it was a three speed standard shift, and if we tried to tow the big trailer with it, we probably never would have made it out of Stoneham without burning up a clutch! Being a custom built trailer with accommodations for 11 people, plus all of the provisions loaded inside, it took a lot of torque just to get the thing rolling. This is where the Dynaflow transmission shined!

My Dad and I went down to the trucking co's yard to tow the trailer to the park and set it up on the lot. Well it didn't take very long and you could smell that old clutch burn'in up!! Only had to tow it about three and a half miles, and we made it okay, but had to replace the clutch that week!

Pic#1. Dad on left, watching over Home loading.
Pic#4. Coast Highway 101, on a rest stop.
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