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Default Day 3...

Day 3

Pretty uneventful day.

Rt. 50 can be frustrating when behind a slow driver you can't pass. Colorado is mostly gorgeous except for the eastern part. It's an extension of Kansas.
Hundreds of miles of flat land and not one tree. I swear if there was a 50'tree in Kansas, you'd be able to see it across the entire state.

Rt. 50 can be poorly marked and my GPS doesn't always ID the road I'm on by route #. When I got up and started the day's drive, I thought it strange the sun was rising on my left, meaning I was heading south. I never saw a turn-off on 50, so I kept driving...and then..."Welcome to Texas"...What? Friggin Texas? I drove through Oklahoma and didn't know it. Yeah I know, I should have stopped and read my maps. So I caught another road heading north east and rejoined Rt. 50 near Wichita...Not too bad of a detour.

I drove about 700 miles on Day 1, 625 miles on Day 2 and another 600 miles Day 3. Spent the night in Ottawa, KS. A really nice, quaint town with an historic downtown. Had chili verde at El Mezcal. My waiter was Mexican. I asked him what town in Mexico he was from..."Guanajuato", he said. He was a little shocked when I asked him if he had been to the Mummy Museum (museo de momias) at the end of the main street, or if he ever saw the Cervantes Festival there. I loved Guanajuato...Hilly like San Fran.

The people I've met have been very nice. I feel sorry that when the Electoral College goes away, they will be left at the mercy of the mega liberal cities that will take their power away.

I've heard the radio ads for "visiting the forest"...An effort to get kids off their buts, away from their devices and out into nature. I wonder if those ads play in Kansas? I didn't hear any. "Ive been through Kansas on three different highways and really can not remember seeing a tree...I dodged a few tumbleweeds blowing across the highway.

There are junk yards I've seen with thousands of cars in a gazillion acres...Want to restore an antique '32 Ford? Got 'em.

Saw a milk farm that had to have over 100,000 heads a cattle. Definitely not free-range.

I heard on the news that Elizabeth Warren was in New Hamphsire Saturday...Another Masshole crossing the border to bring Massachusetts to all...Wonderful!

I've tried posting some photos but get a message "unable to upload".

My motel room is moving around. I wish it would stop...
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