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Default Day 2...

Left Salina, UT at 5:30 am.

Watched an incredible, almost full moon, rise over the Rockies. I couldn't stop and photo it...Very disappointing.

Rt. 50, now almost into Kansas, has been a very lightly driven road.

The Monarch Pass, Utah, elev. 11,315' was a bit on my nerves as I looked at the edge of my lane and saw a 2 mile drop with no guardrail.

Going downhill, I got in back of a slow moving truck (5-15 mph) that was forcing me to brake and my brakes were getting hot.
I passed it with white knuckles on a curve with no traffic coming head on.

Watching local news in small towns is interesting. Lots of semi-talented newscasters wanting to use their local presence to step=up to the BIG

The BIG issue in Lamar CO today, is the hiring of a local company to take care of the plants in their median strip along
their portion of Rt. 50.

Encountered severe cross winds from the last 200 miles of SE Co. On a two-lane non-divided highway,
I almost got blown sideways into a tractor trailer truck heading the opposite.

Syrup and butter is served with everything. Syrup with steak? Hamburger? At one place they asked me if I would like to purchase some "syrup". I should have asked where it came from.

When I would spend several days on a sailboat and then go home to dry land, it took a couple days to readjust to the non-movement.

I would take a shower and hold on to the walls.

Tonight, I'm feeling the same from the movement of the drive. Buffeting cross-winds didn't help. I was watching TV in my room and I thought the room was starting to move and I started to step on the brakes...YIKES!

The people I have encountered are extraordinarily nice and sweet. Kinda like dripping with syrup. You are what you eat?

I have been a radio addict since 1977 (long story). Today everything was about Demos wanting to impeach Trump. I almost opted for the plethora of religious stations. Settled for practicing mi Espanol, and then rockin' with George Thorogood.

It's a very large country. Time for a drink.

Oh...Carls Jr., in Colorado is selling CBD infused burgers. CVS has CBD oil...Advertised on a big banner on the side of the road.
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