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Default Migrating east from San Francisco...

Rain and snow in the Sierras caused a day's departure delay. I finally left the "City-of-Granola", "Baghdad-by-the-Bay"...
San Francisco, Californucornicopia on Wed., April 17th at 3:00 am.

A few years ago, I bought a 2002 Toyota Tacoma... Anything newer than a 2004 wouldn't fit in my garage built for whatever
they drove/rode-in, in 1913.

It's a truck, born and raised in central CA. Showroom condition...almost. Four-wheel drive with 5-spd manual and a camper top.

I packed it to the max...A 9' Avon roll-up inflatable with launching wheels, full-size futon, (2) outboard motors (2&4 HP),
Makita sliding mitre saw, (2) JBL 4311 studio monitor speakers, Herman-Miller Aeron desk chair, (2) 5-gal. gas cans ($4.21/gal. in SF), tool box, (2) bicycles, camping equipment (not going to do any camping), huge cooler, etc., and a bit more etc.

Day 1...4/17/2019

I was hoping to make the 1st day a 535 mile drive and stay the first night in Ely, NV. I got a 3:00 am start and blew by Ely by 221 miles
and spent the night in Salina, UT at a Travelodge. 756 miles on day 1. Had an awful meal at the only restaurant in town... Mom's.

"Uh, yes! Could you tell me what kind of beers you have? We don't serve alcohol"...Yup, Utah! Not a bar in town.

Rt. 50 from Fallon, NV on, was sparsely driven and I had no problem doing 90 mph+. Drove by 2 State Cops and they didn't even notice me.

If your vehicle breaks down on Rt. 50 you are in very, very deep doo doo. (Can I say doo doo on the Forum?).

It was difficult to take photos, but I got a few and will post them when I am less tired.

Sorry...but nothing comes close to "The Magic Carpet" ride of 1953.
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