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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
It's clear to me that the bucket and other traps can collect plenty of mice.

What I question is from how far away do the mice travel.

Is it possible that the bait smell draws some mice to the trap that would never have ventured into the house or outbuilding?
Very good question and I have an answer.
I just had my monthly visit from J.P. Chemical. They are excellent at controlling pests and I've used them for over 30 years with great results.
The tech told me that bucket traps are the most effective right now because they get rid of numerous mice at one time although they use many other methods
He said that mice are nearly blind and have a sense of smell of only about 2 feet.....that is why they scurry and wander to find food. Not to worry that bait will draw them from a distance.
He also said that to be most effective, place the traps next to a wall because they follow walls as rather than traveling in the open.
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