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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
It's clear to me that the bucket and other traps can collect plenty of mice. What I question is from how far away do the mice travel. Is it possible that the bait smell draws some mice to the trap that would never have ventured into the house or outbuilding?
A very astute observation.

They're like mosquitoes: you keep swatting at them without considering that your neighbor has a bucket half-filled with stagnant water.

Like the bucket, natural predators of mice can only take a few mice out of the picture at a time. (And also take out non-targeted critters).

Owls are good predators of mice, so if you hear them at night, they're "at work".

To most people, snakes are generally "unsightly", but they're probably the best predator of nests of mice.

Maybe pay a neighbor's kid $5-each to capture garter snakes, then release them under the most-likely structures?

BTW: A large garter snake can latch onto a finger, but are not poisonous, and seldom cause blood.
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