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Originally Posted by ushaggerb View Post
Go to Southeast LA. Go to East Cleveland. Go to South Chicago. Ask those people what they make of your financial problems. They'd be throwing stones at you. You have financial problems they only wish they could have. You probably complain about the fact you got overcharged for a burger yesterday. They didn't eat yesterday. You complain about your car having engine problems. They don't own one. You've created a whole forum on targeting some guy regarding his "lucky" problems. Why?
Hmmm...the places you mention in your own rant are all bastions of democratic control...places that have, through poor management, and extremely, liberal policies have degraded to third world conditions while the “leaders” of these ****-holes walk by human feces, vomit and drugged out bodies to get to their subways and home to their gated mansions. Why?

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