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Default ...... $847 dollars-a-day..... yo-ho-ho!

Well ...... the Town of Alton gets $847/day, paid by Bob, everyday of the year, regardless the weather, and with the new tax change, none of it is deductible off his federal taxes starting January 11, 2019, on a day by day basis.

January 11 to December 31, day after day after day after day ..... $847/day paid to the Town of Alton ...... this money should be well spent and do a lot of good things for the people of the Town of Alton.

Bob has hired an experienced attorney and filed suit against the town in Belknap Superior Court to try to get his property tax bill lowered to what it should be, so's he can sell Longview to a buyer. Apparently, no one wants to be paying $847/day in real non-deductible money from Jan 11- Dec 31 for Longview. The $10,000 deductible limit goes into effect starting on January 11 for Bob because his Alton property tax is $309,230/year.

After all, when one gets hungry for lunch, you cannot eat the view.

Back in the day, a big view like this at a state park would have a pedestal mounted binocular on a swivel, somewhat similar to a rangefinder on a navy warship, and you would drop a dime into the slot to turn on the big view ...... yo-ho-ho!
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