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Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
I'm not using that as a reason, I am using it as an example. My argument is an acre in the town is an acre in the town. I am removing Market value from the equation. If I own a acre in the town and you own an acre in the same town, why should our taxes be anything different. Fully agree when purchasing desirability is driving costs.
I love this reasoning and would like to see if we could extend it to federal income taxes as well. I am a citizen and have a job in this country and you are a citizen and have a job in this country so we should both pay the same federal tax. That I make $250,000 and you make $50,000 shouldn't make any difference. Send each of us a $5000 tax bill and we wouldn't need an IRS and employers wouldn't have to figure out W2s or any other wage paperwork for the government. Investments and their return wouldn't matter. Charitable, mortgage, or medical deductions won't matter. Everybody would know what they owe well ahead of time and wouldn't have to spend days collecting paperwork and filling out tax forms or worry about audits. You wouldn't need to buy tax software or go to a tax firm to do your taxes. There would be massive cost savings and life would be MUCH simpler.
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